The ICO industry has boomed since 2017, and hundreds of new start-ups have raised more than 10 billion dollars worldwide. Even though successful, once the ICO is done, those start-ups face difficult times liquidating their digital assets and dealing with the banks. Those who succeed at opening a bank account are not always capable of wiring crypto-based funds.

Those who are refused by the banks are in an even worse financial situation, and exposed to the dangerous volatility of their cryptocurrencies rates.

Bits of Gold offers ICO companies unique consulting, liquidity and payments services under fully regulated AML regime.

So… have you done a successful ICO? Contact us to get an offer for crypto liquidity or payments.

Our ICO Services

ICO Liquidity 

Bits of Gold offers ICOs exchange services before the round – for investors seeking to invest in ICOs, and after the round – for ICOs seeking to liquidate their digital assets to Fiat using bank wires.

ICO Payments

Bits of Gold offers ICOs payments service to liquidate post-raised cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, convert them to Fiat and pay to employees and vendors.


What you get

Discounted fees

A discounted fee for high volume transactions. The fee includes all costs of the transaction process - due diligence, legal and AML process, price optimization, personal escort and real-time transactions.

Personal escort

Personal and professional escort all the way with the help of our senior account managers who will be available to you 24/7 in all possible ways of communication. The service includes a free Trezor hardware wallet and relevant guidance and instructions for securing it.

Supervised process

The process is regulated by Israeli regulation in accordance with the requirements of the Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing Laws, in order to enable the transaction to be approved by the financial institutions and banks.


Our Process 

First meeting

You will meet our senior account managers in order to learn about our process from a personal point of view and ask all the questions you want.

Due diligence

A thorough and detailed KYC process of the ICO lead by our team of compliance specialists.

The deal

If you have successfully passed our due diligence process and the commercial terms are set, we will give you a real-time quote for an OTC deal.