You can pay in cash up to 5,000 ILS per client per day by using the ATM machine at the Bitcoin embassy on Ahuzat Bayit 1 Tel Aviv, or up to 10,000 ILS per client per day through one of the GMT money exchange branches throughout the country. In both cases you will need to bring identification with you.

Paying via ATM

In order to pay in cash at the ATM machine, arrive at the embassy during its opening hours, press "Start", allow the machine to scan the Bitcoin wallet QR code that appears on your phone, insert the cash, and receive a direct Bitcoin transfer to your wallet. 

Paying via GMT change branch

Otherwise, you can place a cash payment order through our website, visit one of the GMT Company's money exchange branches, and ask to transfer the cash to Bits of Gold. GMT transfers the money to our company, whereupon we transfer the Bitcoin to the wallet address you filled out when placing the order online. It is important to first place an order online and only then deposit the cash at the branch. The rate is locked automatically after completion of the transfer of funds to GMT branch.

You can find the full list of GMT branches here, or on our website once you finish placing your cash order.