In most cases, the date of receipt of the bank transfer depends on the customer's bank. Generally, in the case of an inter-bank transfer (Leumi or Hapoalim), we receive at the same time in our account, but sometimes additional time is required to obtain a bank approval. The rate lock will be at the following round hour if the transfer has been successfully assigned to the transferor (i.e., if the transferor has uploaded the necessary documents for attaching the funds to his account). The IBAN transfer functions like an internal bank transfer, except that it usually requires a bank approval, so it takes about an hour.

In our experience, in the case of an interbank transfer (i.e., Discount to Leumi) - the transfer is made after the day of the work in which it was entered. Any interbank transfer that is entered and approved by the banker before 18:00 is carried out the following morning, so the rate will be locked only the following morning. In most cases, a transfer after 18:00 will be handled by the client's bank on the previous business day and will therefore reach Bits of Gold two days later.

For example, a transfer at 20:00 on Tuesday will reach Bits of Gold on Thursday morning and the rate will be locked at the first closing time of Thursday. Transfer On Thursday after 18:00 or Friday, you will arrive at the Bits of Gold account on Sunday, or even Monday, depending on the activity of the customer's bank branch.