Payment process:

1. Select "Bank transfer" from the payment methods offered based on the desired purchase amount.

2. A. Bank transfer must be made to the bank account of the company:

    For: Bits of Gold

    Bank: Leumi, 10

    Branch: 811

    Account number: 55970055

    iban No. for Zahav transfers : XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

    B. When you create your bank transfer, please include in the transfer notes the order number from the order page.

    C. When you create your bank transfer, save the reference number of the transfer.

    D. Confirm sending the money by clicking the 'I Sent the money' button

3. A. Enter the reference / transfer number as assigned to you by the bank.

    B. Upload a document or a picture of the reference that you received from your bank.

    C. Confirm completion of the order by clicking the "'I Sent the Money" button

Emphases and limitations:

1. The rates lock will be at the next round hour from the moment  the money is received in the company's bank account.

2. The rates are lock from 10:00 to 18:00 on Sundays to Thursdays and from 10:00 to 13:00 on Fridays and holiday eves.

3. Conversion rates for orders will be locked only after payment is identified.

4. Entering the reference number and uploading the photocopy of the reference document as well as entering the order no. in the bank transfer notes are not mandatory but very effective for matching the payment to the order. not provide such data will make it difficult to identify the payment and will cause delay in locking the gate.

5. Funds that are not found to be mach for a specific order after 48 hours will be returned to the sender.

6. Minimum bank transfer amount: Starting at 2000 ILS


5.95% of the transaction sum.