The company allows the sale of Cryptocurrency  (Bitcoin and ethereum) for NIS through the site.

The conversion rate is automatically lock once the coins is received in the company's wallet and the apposition can be transfer by bank transfer or cash withdrawal through the branches of the GMT branches.

the convertion rates determined on the basis of the TradeBlock XBX index rate, and the USD / NIS exchange rate is updated at the time of the sale.

Money transfer options are limited accordance to the Company's policy and the Prohibition of Money Laundering Laws:

Receiving money by Cash withdrawal: up to 10,000 NIS per day per customer.

Receiving money by wire transfer: Over  50,000 NIS requires additional questions about customer identification and funds source.

sell process

1. First, choose the sell service on the company's website:

2. Enter a desired amount for conversion. In shekels or in Cryptocurrency coins:

3. Choose the desired payment method, bank transfer or cash:

4. A. Receiving money by bank transfer:

     Fill in the details of the beneficiary account to which the funds will be transfered:

    B. Receiving money by cash withdrawal:

        The beneficiary name must be filled in English:

5. The coins must be sent to the card received on the website. Appears as QR code and as a text to copy:

6. After the coins is sent, a green 'V' will appear confirming the successful sending of the coins.

7. The conversion rate for the transaction will be automatically lock as soon as the coins will received in the company's Wallet, after one approval by the Blockchain Network.

Receipt of the consideration

1. Bank transfer - Depending on your bank account and your profile's approval on our website, you'll be able to see your money in your bank account after one business day.

2. Cash - After receiving an SMS with the money withdrawal code, go to one  of the GMT branches. Identify yourself by ID and money withdrawal code.

Emphasis and limitations

1. The conversion rate automatically lock as soon  the coins are received in the Company's wallet, after one approval on the Blockchain network. The company is not responsible for transactions that failed to enter the block due to too low       mining fees.

2. The wallet address is a one-time use address, only for the first transaction received at that address will be a rate lock.

     A. Do not use the same address for a number of different sales orders.

     B. Do not send multiple transactions for one sale.

3. Receiving money by Cash withdrawal: up to 10,000 NIS per day per customer.

4. Receiving money in bank transfer in amounts greater than 50,000 NIS requires answering additional questions regarding customer identification and source of funds in accordance with regulatory requirements.


bank transfer:

5.95% of the transaction sum. For Bits of Gold.


5.95% of the transaction sum. For Bits of Gold.

4% of the transaction sum. For GMT.